The Institute of Quarrying Hong Kong Branch is a professional body which unites people of the industry throughout Hong Kong and PRC.


礦業學會 (香港分會)是一個專業團體,團結中國和香港同業內人士

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Three Honorary Fellowship Certificates Presentation and Welcome New Committee member

27 March 2023



28-03-2023 (2)









Hybrid Conference - Quarrying and its Place for the Future of Hong Kong

22 August 2022

Webinar - Rock Products Extraction from Cavern

10 September 2021

The 48th IOQ HK Branch Annual General Meeting - 礦業學會 (香港分會) 第48屆年度會員大會

15 March 2021

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Lunch Presentation - Forensic Investigation

28 June 2019

The first technical lunch presentation of the year was held at the Regal Kowloon Hotel on Friday 28 June 2019, with the topic of Forensic Investigation delivered by Dr. Chan Chun. Dr. Chan acquired his PhD on Metallic Materials from the University of Manchester specialising in metallurgy, corrosion and welding failure He is currently a materials expert with Hawkins, a well-established and respected firm specializing in forensic investigation and root cause analysis for the insurance, legal and risk management professions.


Dr. Chan’s technical presentation focused on the work of forensic investigation from testimonies analysis of incidents, to site visits, laboratory tests, and ultimately expert testimony. Having run through a number of interesting case examples, Dr. Chan explained how the application of forensic materials science after an incident, can help the industry raise standards, improve safety and save costs. Interestingly, Dr. Chan explained that in most cases the scientific evidence concludes that the root cause of equipment failure, tends to be human.


The technical lunch presentation was very well attended with some 35 members and guests, and a total of 12 CPD Certificates issued.


IOQ Branch Chairman Ng Heong-Chen, thanked Dr. Chan on behalf of the members for a most interesting and enlightening presentation, and presented him with an IOQ Hong Kong Branch souvenir.


The Chairman also welcomed our newest IOQ Member, Mr. Lo Tsz Leung, Vincent, and presented him with his Membership Certificate.

本年度首次技術午餐會於2019年6月28日星期五在富豪九龍酒店舉行,由Dr. Chan Chun主持的法庭調查。陳博士在曼徹斯特大學獲得金屬材料博士學位。他目前是Hawkins的材料專家,Hawkins是一家知名的公司,專門從事法庭調查和保險根本原因分析,法律和風險管理專業。

陳博士的演講側重於法庭調查的工作,從事故的證詞分析,實地考察,實驗室測試,以及最終的專家證詞。 陳博士介紹了許多有趣的案例,解釋了事故發生後法醫材料科學的應用如何幫助行業提高標準,提高安全性並節省成本。有趣的是,陳博士解釋說,在大多數情況下,科學證據得出結論,設備故障的根本原因往往是人類。



主席還歡迎我們最新的IOQ成員Mr. Vincent Lo Tsz Leung, 並向他頒發了會員證書。

Welcome our New Fellow member (David Chen & Dan Ahern) - 歡迎我們的新會員

7 May 2019


11 November 2023

Annual Dinner 2023

The IOQ Anniversary Gala Dinner, will be held on the 11 November 2023, at the Kowloon Shangri-La.

24 May 2023


Discover How Geopolymer Materials May Benefit the Environment and Change the Construction Industry

Time: 10:30 - 12:45

Venue: Zero Carbon Centre, Kowloon Bay

27 March 2023

The 50th IOQ HK Branch Annual General Meeting


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